They Draw Comics

You are probably used to seeing your favorite comics artist between the covers of a book or ‘zine. But we are focusing on the second part of that term. Artist. Here you get to see the artist’s hand. What can you see in the originals?

Look for the depth of shading created by the various thickness of the ink and the texture of the paper. How dark is that particular ink? How much is it absorbed by that kind of paper? Does it sit on the surface or sink in? Does it spread first? How black is that black ink? What shade of black is it, warm or cool? All things you can see in the original that are lost in the uniformity of reproduction.

Roberta Gregory "Love Those Girls"



Roberta Gregory is best known for Bitchy Bitch featured in Seattle Weekly during the 1990s. Love Those Girls is an idea Roberta had bouncing around for a while. Recent books are True Cat Toons and Follow Your Art.




David Lasky soixante neuf


David Lasky co-authored the Eisner-Award-winning graphic novel, Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song. He teaches comics at numerous venues in the Seattle area, including Richard Hugo House and Coyote Central.



Lil Chan 99 Problems



Lil Chan uses design and illustration to create engaging narratives that tell a story as exceptionally as possible. She’s lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, China and the U.S.





Mark Monlux Triology of Terror


Mark Monlux won his first art award at age ten. He received a BA in Graphic Art from Central Washington University and has free-lanced as an illustrator and cartoonist ever since.






Handa Crossing Kingdoms


Handa (or H&A) escapes from the relentless current of life through illustration, crafting, and cycling. Her work has appeared in publications such as Short Run's Relay Anthology” and The Seattle Weekly. She is currently studying 3D animation and dreams of adopting a dog.







Claudio Duran Crocodile Tears

Claudio Duran juxtaposes vibrant color and lush paint so inviting you want to meet those monsters in person. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, raised in Texas, he moved to Seattle in 2000. He is inspired by organic shapes, unexpected color combinations, machinery, nature, anime, rust and decay, surrealism, fantasy.