Black & White
at Mary Spirito Pillitteri/Vanita and Paul Mathews Gallery
September 14--October 26, 2018




KJ Bateman uses 20-minute drawings of friends as starting point for paintings and prints. She is fascinated by how the light and dark can convey depth with the richness of the black and boundary with the clarity of the white.



Redaction in a Mirror


Jennifer Chin uses paint, collage and printing to ask “Why?” and “What if?” and explore the beauty of the logic in the chaotic network around us.



Meditation VII


Patrice Donohue builds dense structures through the accumulation of layers of newspaper stories. She then obscures these stories with a veil of ink that creates luminosity amid the darkness.



Corpus allatum


Peg Murphy works with a dense field of marks. Using only black and white simplifies decisions in creating space and form and allows a lot to happen in the space without creating visual chaos.




Flora Ramírez Bustamante reflects on the creative process and the experimental use of materials to explore a delicate balance between linguistics, poetry, culture, abstraction and self. She is inspired by the energy created by imperfection and accidents.