How do you define community? What do you gain in meaning, support, and identity? And how do you add to the whole with knowledge, time and money?

Each of these three artists uses community to inform their art practice. The themes, images, and formats are drawn from their respective backgrounds to create personal iconographies that raise questions and offer support and healing.

Blanca, Delton and Stephanie are also passionate about giving back to their communities through teaching, counseling, and advocating for equity.

The Artists



Delton L. Mosby is a Seattle-based painter.  His primary objective as a painter is to challenge systems of oppression and power through visual art.  His works address classism, ageism, racism, homophobia, discrimination against people with disabilities (visible and non-visible), sexism, and sizeism.

Delton currently works as an advocate, Chemical Dependency Professional, and a Mental Health Professional. As a self-taught artist, Delton attributes most of his training to the styles of street-art and graffiti era.


Blanca SantanderLoaves and Crows

Blanca Santander is originally from Lima, Peru where she received a degree in fine arts at the Catholic University of Peru. A Seattle resident since 1996, she is currently working on a series, “Women of Courage”.

“In many ways I feel as if the times have met the artist. In these tumultuous days I must look around, dive into history and find women who have lived courageous lives. I imagine these women live in our hearts today.

I am a believer in children’s art education and every summer I have a summer-long program “Park in the Heart”, free art lessons for kids through Seattle Parks and Recreation.”


Stephanie MoralesA Dollar and a Dream

I am a homegrown, Seattle born and based artist. My travels throughout the US and Europe influence my work, much of which is focused on femininity, thought, self-reflection, and beauty.

My multicultural background, education in social justice, and varied life experiences contribute greatly to subject of my personal work.