Money and Run opens May 10! See all three episodes (sold separately):

A Message from the Board of Directors:

“The Theater Schmeater Board of Directors has learned that Doug Staley has submitted his resignation as Artistic Director. We have met and are accepting his resignation. We thank Doug for the very hard task of moving the theater from Capitol Hill to Belltown. We thank him for that effort to transition the Schmee to its new home. A new Artistic Director will be sought. In the interim, know that the musical has definitely been pulled from the season. We apologize for all the hurt and pain that this has caused.”

Money and Run: "Money, Take Run"

May 10 - June 10
by Wayne Rawley

It’s love at first shot when Money & Run meet cute and sparks fly! Soon, M&R are in love and on the lam from the Law, the Man (who’s a woman, by the way) and, of course, themselves. That’s one heck of a lot of lam, so put your good shirt on and head down to good old Cudrup County to see the day it all began!


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