Money and Run: "Money, Take Run"
May 10 - June 10
by Wayne Rawley

It’s love at first shot when Money & Run meet cute and sparks fly! Soon, M&R are in love and on the lam from the Law, the Man (who’s a woman, by the way) and, of course, themselves. That’s one heck of a lot of lam, so put your good shirt on and head down to good old Cudrup County to see the day it all began!

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May 10 - June 10

Wednesdays at 7:30

 Fridays at 10:00

Saturdays at 6:00 pm



$20  all tickets reserved in advance online

$20  all tickets at the door



Cast and Crew

  • Narrator

    actor - Lisa Branham

  • Money

    actor - Amanda Rae

  • Run

    actor - Darien Upshaw

  • Big Momma Bob

    actor - Skye Stephenson

  • Jimmy Jack

    actor - Jake Ynzunza

  • OT/Carla

    actor - Meghan Ahiers

  • Ronny

    actor - Henry James Walker

  • Mitch/Luke

    actor - Kevin Bordi

  • Bo

    actor - Ashley Bagwell

  • Director

    Wayne Rawley

  • Assistant Director

    Monica Galarneau

  • Stage Manager

    Jessamyn Bateman-Iino

  • Producer

    Alyssa Bostwick