Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Brewing System Review

Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Brewing System Review

I personally don’t drink coffee. I have never liked the taste of it and probably will never understand why people love it. However, my wife does drink it on occasion and, as a result; we have a variety of coffee makers in our house & office.

About a week ago, my wife and I were at Walmart waiting for her car to get a new battery.

While wandering the store, I noticed they had the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System on sale for $80. My wife has wanted this particular coffee maker for as long as I can remember and, even though it was quite a bit more than I really wanted to spend on a coffee maker, I decided to get it for her as one of her Valentine’s Day gifts (since she was with me, I told her she needed to act surprised when I gave it to her in a couple of days).

Because of the price, I immediately began to have a bit of buyer’s remorse. But, after seeing her use this product a couple days later, I can see why people believe it is such a great coffee maker.

As I mentioned before, I don’t drink coffee (occasionally at the office only) and, even though my wife does, she really doesn’t drink a lot of it. That’s why most of our coffee makers go unused. She wants coffee but doesn’t want to make it because most of the pot would go to waste.

The great thing about this particular coffee maker is you can make one cup at a time without any hassles. The machine walks you through it. First, you pick the coffee packet you want and insert the little cup into the machine (the coffee maker comes with a sampling of available flavors). When that is inserted, the water compartment opens up and you fill it to the line.

One cool thing we learned about this coffee maker is it won’t start brewing the coffee until the cup is inserted and, once it does; you get one individual cup with nothing wasted and without an open bag of coffee lying around with the potential of getting stale or spilled. My wife likes the convenience so much, we plan on getting rid of all of her other coffee makers.

I also like the fact this particular model offers a smaller size; perfect for our limited counter space.

While I had to admit the individual coffee packets were cool, I did have some doubts about whether or not they were actually all that great. After all, I have found a lot of items that offer convenience usually lack quality. Since I don’t drink coffee, I can’t personally vouch for the flavor. But, my wife has tried a few different varieties and has yet to find one she didn’t like.

I might have spent a bit more money on this product than I really wanted to. But, I would recommend this to anyone who likes coffee but doesn’t drink a ton of it.


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