Schmee Shows

Weekly shows with different artists, musicians and actors from all around the world!

The Guitar Twins


We have some great news for this week! After popular demand and countless requests, The Guitar Twins will be performing on our theater.

What Can We Expect?

If you are not familiar with The Guitar Twins, we will try to explain with a few words. The Guitar Twins are freelancers which play song requests from the public, so if you have any songs that you would like to hear being played live, you can attend the show and hope your request gets seen!


  • 21:00 – Opening
  • 22:00 – The Guitar Twins get on stange and perform 10-15 songs requested by the public
  • 23:00 – Questions & Answers with the Guitar Twins – Here, you can ask them whatever you like. They are known to be great guitar instructors, so you can ask them which shredding guitar to buy¬†or any other questions you might have with starting out.
  • 00:00 – The Show Ends

There will also be a backstage meet & greet session after the show, and you can buy your tickets for that in the ticket booth in front of the theater. These are in limited supply so make sure you act fast before they get sold out!

What are the ticket prices?

As always, we try to keep our ticket prices as low as possible. For this week, the prices are as follows:

  • Adults Online: $10
  • Adults At The Show: $15
  • Children Under 5: FREE!
  • Under 10: $5

In the price, there is a free drink and a snack included.


The seating is random, meaning first come first serve. If you come to the show earlier, you will be able to get on any of the front seats. You can make seat reservations by contacting us through the contact page. Please do the reservations at least a few days in advance.

The Guitar Twins Short Biography

The Guitar Twins are two brothers (Ed Jock & Ralph Jock). They started their music career back in 2005, and they’ve been a regular guest on our theater since then. They have never released their own songs, and they usually play covers of popular songs requested by the attenders of their shows. This has become their way of doing shows, and everyone seems to love it. Ed has 2 children, and Ralph just got married recently.

Make sure you attend our theater this week, and don’t miss out on the show! Ticket sales are limited, so make up your & your friends mind and act fast before they run out!

In The Grey City Show

In The Grey City


This week we bring you a brand new play coming in from our talented writers, a historical period drama that will touch you at a deeper level, ‘In the Grey City’. This play will make you think about life and beyond, don’t miss it.

When will it start?

The premiere of this play will be held at 8 PM on Friday night and will last for two hours, divided by a 15-minute break. Afterward, you can join the cast for drinks at the bar, and ask them your questions about the play, which they will happily answer.

What can I expect

I will try to give you the gist of the story without giving you any spoilers, basically, this can be read as a prologue to the story, which is also essential to the play and you can also read it at the brochures that will be dealt at the front desk.

This play revolves around the story of our protagonist, Alexander Alderson. Alex is a hard-working diplomat that is located in Western Berlin in the divided Berlin in 1963. While Alex was born to a humble family in Chicago, he started getting obsessed with being successful since his high school years. In his college years, he studied diplomacy and quickly started rising through the ranks and became a high-profile diplomat.

Coming closer to the time of the story of the play, Alexander has received a very important mission to keep the already strained diplomatic relations between the USSR and USA in Berlin, however, he quickly realizes that something is not quite right and something is cooking behind his back. At the beginning of the story, we see that Alexander is getting set up to look like a Soviet spy.

After this, our protagonist has to clear up his name and survive without dying while being hunted from different intelligence agencies simultaneously. However, will it be worth it? Come watch our play to see how our protagonist will find himself in the Grey City of Berling, and whether or not he is the man that he thought he was.

I can guarantee you that this play will make you question your self, and it will make you think about your life on a deeper level. One of the most well-thought plays that I have ever seen.


The tickets can be bought on the front desk of the theater, of which the adult ones cost $15 and the students can see the show for half the price as always.

I and you


We are going to bring another fan favorite this week to our theater ‘I and You’. However, I have to warn you that this play is not for the faint-hearted, and I know that this isn’t the last time we are going to present this play.

When does it start?

The show will start around 9 pm and has three 30 minute parts, with 10-minute breaks in between.

What can I expect?

The play revolves around our protagonists Kevin and Linda and their love story. Classical love-story right? Not quite there because there is a twist and our protagonists will face various difficulties that they have to overcome to find true love. But in the end, they will end up together, right? We’ll see about that. Let’s talk about the beginning of it a little

Kevin is an accountant in a large Wall-Street firm and he is a little bit depressed with his current situation, and can’t quite find a purpose in life. One day it hits him, and he decides to take a long break from his job to find purpose in life and travel. One trip leads to another, and he finds himself in Ireland. Ireland is also the place that his ancestors have come from, but Kevin doesn’t think that something of value is in Ireland and doesn’t expect much of this journey.

Linda, on the other hand, is your traditional Irish hot-blooded woman which has spent all her life at her village working at her family’s bar. Linda is also a bit disappointed with her current situation since she feels that she is destined for bigger things, but her Irish pride doesn’t let her explore the world, and she appears to be stuck there with her traditional family.

Our protagonist’s initial meet will happen after a bar fight between Kevin and some villagers, and the story will take off from there. You can expect a lot of plot twists and I have to warn you that your eyes may get a little watery. The emotional roller coaster will continue throughout the whole play but the final part will leave you surprised. Well enough with that since I get pretty much too excited with this and I may ruin the surprise, come to see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


You can buy the tickets at the front desk. Adult tickets cost $15, and students can get in for half the price, as well as teens.

Two Sisters and a Piano


This week, we are hosting a musical show performed by Two Sisters: Heidi & Kathleen Saul.

They will be promoting their new piano album, just like they do every year here at Schmee.

When Does The Show Start?

The show starts at 10 PM and will end at 12 AM.

What can you expect

The Sisters will be playing a few masterpieces from their new album during the first hour, then they will move onto your favorite part: Music Requests By The Public!

If you’ve attended the show before, you probably know that the two sisters are very skilled, and they perform any songs requested by the viewers. This year will be no different!

If you want to hear your favorite songs being played live, make sure you visit us this saturday night!

What are the prices?

The prices for this weeks show are free for people under the age of 15, and $10 for anyone over 15. Everyone will receive a free non-alcoholic drink and snacks.

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom


After very popular demand, Schmee decided to host the 3rd part of the “Neighborhood” series this week!

What happens on the neighborhood series?

The Neighborhood series revolves around a family and their Neighborhood. They do everything to protect their neighborhood, and their neighborhood does anything to protect them. One day, some foreginers come from a different land and try to take ownership of the “Neighborhood” using force, money and other ways of bribing, however, the Johnstons Family does everything in their power to protect the neighborhood and their residents.

During the process, a lot of members of both families lose their lives. The Oldest member of the Johnstons family comes out of prison, and takes revenge for all the lost people and frees the Neighborhood from the foreginers.

How long is the show

The show is expected to last somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, with 2x 15 minute breaks in the middle.

What is included?

In your ticket, a free drink and snacks will be included which you can take from the receptionist.

Full Actors List:

  • Marguerite J. Taylor
  • Joan B. White
  • Dana M. Cruz
  • Marshall I. Robbins
  • Gregg A. Savage
  • Ruth M. Ross
  • Alice J. Lytle

Where To Get Tickets & Ticket Prices

Tickets are sold in 2 places: Online & at the door. The prices for online tickets cost only $15, and at-the-door tickets cost $25. If you’re under 15 or you have children with you, the ticket prices are free.

Twilight Zone: Live!


This week on our theater you will be able to watch the Twilight Zone for FREE! Schmee We teamed up with our partners nextdoor and decided to make this weekend for our loyal costumers.

If you’ve been attending our shows for the past year, you will be able to watch the 3 hour show for free!

What about the rest?

If you just heard about us, you don’t have to worry, we love you too! The entry to the show will cost $10 online and $15 if you decide to purchase the ticket once you arrive at the door. In that price free drinks and snacks are included with no additional costs.

What is the show about?

If you’re unfamiliar with Twilight, we can explain it for you so you know what to expect.

Twilight, is a story about a high school student called Bella, which hates the place she currently lives in, and even though she will move to Washington from Arizona, she still doesn’t expect much to change. It was very unexpected, but in Washington, she met a very handsome man called Edward. After a while, Bella realises that Edward is a vampire, but he belongs to a family which does not drink blood.

Bella falls in love with Edward and enters into a very dangerous romance with her soulmate, Edward.

Who Will Perform?

The show will be performed by the Hundred X team, which consists of 4 people: Brenda Miller, Henry G, Joel Brown and of course, Daniel Torrez!

How Long is the show?

The show will start at 8:30 and will last 3 hours. Everyone over the age of 15 is welcome to enjoy the show this saturday night!

Statements After An Arrest Under the Immorality Act


This week on Schmee: Statements After An Arrest Under the Immorality Act. This is a show that will be performed by Homer Bentz and Barbara James, showcasing a very interesting story about a man who used to be one of the majors of his city.

This is a story about the oddities of the human condition. The story is about a whiny movie reviewer, a football player, an attractive gladiator, and a poised coach. It takes place in a funeral home. The critical element of the story is a murder. Homer and Barbara performed the show in many different places over the years, and they always managed to fill up the entire theater with guests.

Tickets can be purchased online or through the ticket booth in front of our complex.

What to expect

  • A one hour show
  • Free Drinks
  • A meet & greet session with Homer Bentz & Barbara James after the show

The show is for adults only, and you must show your ID card before being able to enter the show room.