In The Grey City

This week we bring you a brand new play coming in from our talented writers, a historical period drama that will touch you at a deeper level, ‘In the Grey City’. This play will make you think about life and beyond, don’t miss it.

When will it start?

The premiere of this play will be held at 8 PM on Friday night and will last for two hours, divided by a 15-minute break. Afterward, you can join the cast for drinks at the bar, and ask them your questions about the play, which they will happily answer.

What can I expect

I will try to give you the gist of the story without giving you any spoilers, basically, this can be read as a prologue to the story, which is also essential to the play and you can also read it at the brochures that will be dealt at the front desk.

This play revolves around the story of our protagonist, Alexander Alderson. Alex is a hard-working diplomat that is located in Western Berlin in the divided Berlin in 1963. While Alex was born to a humble family in Chicago, he started getting obsessed with being successful since his high school years. In his college years, he studied diplomacy and quickly started rising through the ranks and became a high-profile diplomat.

Coming closer to the time of the story of the play, Alexander has received a very important mission to keep the already strained diplomatic relations between the USSR and USA in Berlin, however, he quickly realizes that something is not quite right and something is cooking behind his back. At the beginning of the story, we see that Alexander is getting set up to look like a Soviet spy.

After this, our protagonist has to clear up his name and survive without dying while being hunted from different intelligence agencies simultaneously. However, will it be worth it? Come watch our play to see how our protagonist will find himself in the Grey City of Berling, and whether or not he is the man that he thought he was.

I can guarantee you that this play will make you question your self, and it will make you think about your life on a deeper level. One of the most well-thought plays that I have ever seen.


The tickets can be bought on the front desk of the theater, of which the adult ones cost $15 and the students can see the show for half the price as always.

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