Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

After very popular demand, Schmee decided to host the 3rd part of the “Neighborhood” series this week!

What happens on the neighborhood series?

The Neighborhood series revolves around a family and their Neighborhood. They do everything to protect their neighborhood, and their neighborhood does anything to protect them. One day, some foreginers come from a different land and try to take ownership of the “Neighborhood” using force, money and other ways of bribing, however, the Johnstons Family does everything in their power to protect the neighborhood and their residents.

During the process, a lot of members of both families lose their lives. The Oldest member of the Johnstons family comes out of prison, and takes revenge for all the lost people and frees the Neighborhood from the foreginers.

How long is the show

The show is expected to last somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, with 2x 15 minute breaks in the middle.

What is included?

In your ticket, a free drink and snacks will be included which you can take from the receptionist.

Full Actors List:

  • Marguerite J. Taylor
  • Joan B. White
  • Dana M. Cruz
  • Marshall I. Robbins
  • Gregg A. Savage
  • Ruth M. Ross
  • Alice J. Lytle

Where To Get Tickets & Ticket Prices

Tickets are sold in 2 places: Online & at the door. The prices for online tickets cost only $15, and at-the-door tickets cost $25. If you’re under 15 or you have children with you, the ticket prices are free.

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