Two Sisters and a Piano

This week, we are hosting a musical show performed by Two Sisters: Heidi & Kathleen Saul.

They will be promoting their new piano album, just like they do every year here at Schmee.

When Does The Show Start?

The show starts at 10 PM and will end at 12 AM.

What can you expect

The Sisters will be playing a few masterpieces from their new album during the first hour, then they will move onto your favorite part: Music Requests By The Public!

If you’ve attended the show before, you probably know that the two sisters are very skilled, and they perform any songs requested by the viewers. This year will be no different!

If you want to hear your favorite songs being played live, make sure you visit us this saturday night!

What are the prices?

The prices for this weeks show are free for people under the age of 15, and $10 for anyone over 15. Everyone will receive a free non-alcoholic drink and snacks.

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