The Guitar Twins

We have some great news for this week! After popular demand and countless requests, The Guitar Twins will be performing on our theater.

What Can We Expect?

If you are not familiar with The Guitar Twins, we will try to explain with a few words. The Guitar Twins are freelancers which play song requests from the public, so if you have any songs that you would like to hear being played live, you can attend the show and hope your request gets seen!


  • 21:00 – Opening
  • 22:00 – The Guitar Twins get on stange and perform 10-15 songs requested by the public
  • 23:00 – Questions & Answers with the Guitar Twins – Here, you can ask them whatever you like. They are known to be great guitar instructors, so you can ask them which shredding guitar to buy¬†or any other questions you might have with starting out.
  • 00:00 – The Show Ends

There will also be a backstage meet & greet session after the show, and you can buy your tickets for that in the ticket booth in front of the theater. These are in limited supply so make sure you act fast before they get sold out!

What are the ticket prices?

As always, we try to keep our ticket prices as low as possible. For this week, the prices are as follows:

  • Adults Online: $10
  • Adults At The Show: $15
  • Children Under 5: FREE!
  • Under 10: $5

In the price, there is a free drink and a snack included.


The seating is random, meaning first come first serve. If you come to the show earlier, you will be able to get on any of the front seats. You can make seat reservations by contacting us through the contact page. Please do the reservations at least a few days in advance.

The Guitar Twins Short Biography

The Guitar Twins are two brothers (Ed Jock & Ralph Jock). They started their music career back in 2005, and they’ve been a regular guest on our theater since then. They have never released their own songs, and they usually play covers of popular songs requested by the attenders of their shows. This has become their way of doing shows, and everyone seems to love it. Ed has 2 children, and Ralph just got married recently.

Make sure you attend our theater this week, and don’t miss out on the show! Ticket sales are limited, so make up your & your friends mind and act fast before they run out!

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